Oldie but a goodie


Judi Dench looking stunning

We all want to look our best right?

Well some couldn’t care less but they aren’t reading this blog are they?

Most of us learn how to put on makeup as a teenager. We adapt a little as we get older and then get a bit stumped by it all as time goes by.  As we get a little older there’s a little more to cover up and in an attempt to cover up we layer on the makeup and add about 5 or 10 years.  Not exactly what we are trying to achieve.

We’ve all heard the saying less is more.  This is really the perfect time to experiment with this theory.  It’s important to decide what is more important flawless skin or a creaseless complexion?

Generally the older the skin I’m working on the less foundation I use.

I will use a sheer coverage all over the face to create a nice dewy, healthy base to work with. Then I only use full coverage where required. As a result you’re effectively only concealing 20% of the skin and highlighting rather than ageing.

These are my top picks

  • Motives liquid mineral (the best liquid mineral I’ve used)
  • Motives dual mineral powder (for the quick dry powder finish)
  • Mac face and body (dewy, healthy, sheer coverage)

The light reflecting qualities of motives actually reduces the appearance of fine lines and it doesn’t move into any creases. Trust me, give it a go. Its one of the most affordable quality products on the market and with the likes of JLo and the Kardashians using it, it must be OK.

To see Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashians’ makeup artist) using Motives cosmetics click here