Ayurveda, the ancient art of healing

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I first travelled to India in 1995. Things were very different back then.

My next trip was in 1999 for an entire year. This is where I met my mate Dipika from Amrita Ayurveda, and we were pretty much inseparable from the day we met.

Back then I was trying to understand the universe and Dipika was possibly doing the same.   She was finalising her studies as a Naturopath and I was fascinated in all things natural and healthy. There are two subjects that have fascinated me my whole life, health and the human body and creative arts, (this is where makeup fits in.)

In the past as soon as I would enter a humid climate my skin would ooze oil and my face would become covered in pimples. Not a pretty site.

As much as I loved the tropics and hot climates I would look really nasty.  I loved winter for this reason.

This all changed with Ayurveda.

Dipika and I went to visit Master pulse reader, Vaidya Pankaj Naram in Mumbai in early 1999. Everyone was talking about his ability to read your pulse and within seconds assess your state of health and wellbeing both emotionally and physically. He would give insight into your personality, current and past health challenges and even tap into your misspent youth. Nothing was a secret.

We travelled about 50km by rickshaw and train to get there, so in those days that took about 3 hours. I remember many trips coming home late at night in the darkness on very unpredictable roads through the county side.

Excited by the experience ahead of us we sat in on each others consultations. I vividly recall him reading Dipikas pulse and saying “You have a very rare pulse as a healer” I don’t remember anything else because all I could think about was that I wanted him to say the same to me.

See you can’t listen and think at the same time.

He took my pulse and said to me…. “You are extremely creative” All I could think was, yeah right, what do I do that’s creative? I’d temporarily suspended my love of singing dancing, makeup and creativity so it seemed completely irrelevant to me at the time.

I can tell you without a word of a lie my body temperature dropped within days of starting the Ayushakti Ayurved protocol.  Before then I was hot, bothered and greasy and after a few days the sweat still ran down my back and legs but it was different. It was extraordinary really. My core temperature dropped and over a period of time my skin improved and I have never looked back.

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