Skin detox

Time to revisit this one now that Easter is out of the way

Beauty Lookout

Beauty-treatments-in-45-minutes-or-lessFunny thing happens to me when I’m unhealthy…..  my skin clears up.

I either have to be super clean or considerably unhealthy for good skin.

Just moderately healthy doesn’t work for me.

The first works because there’s nothing for the skin to eliminate so it is glowing and beautiful and the latter because
the body is trying to survive the toxic invasion. It doesn’t have the time to purify through the skin. It has to focus
on the big jobs like liver rejuvenation and brain cell recovery.

It’s not rocket science girls.

Want glowing clear skin and don’t want to have to depend on finding the unhealthy balance?  Then try this routine.

My tried and trusted, quick but not so easy solution for perfect skin.  Ideal when you only have days before a significant event.

  • No sugar (or sugary things – including substitutes like honey, maple syrup, you know it)
  • No dairy (at…

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